Marshal Trading Automating GULF sing 1981

Management Team.

Management Team

Anil Dhar, Managing Director

Having invented a brand for Marshal by focusing the company in an entirely new business direction, Mr Dhar’s 30 years in the Middle East and his standing within the industry have put him at the very forefront of automation technology consultancy in the Gulf.

Having been a presiding force in the evolution of payment technology across the UAE and GCC, Mr Dhar’s knack for identifying new opportunities and exploring emerging developments has earned him a name in the industry across the region.

Bashir Ahmed, Manager – Hardware Division

Mr. Ahmed is one of the longest standing members of the Marshal fraternity, having been a key element of the core team of the company since the 1980s. His knowledge on the technology and hardware employed in Marshal’s various solutions and offerings is formidable and beyond compare. He leads the hardware division of Marshal with an adeptness second to none and as an expert on automation technology, is a mainstay of every operation at the company

Sanjay Pandey, Manager – Finance & Administration

Mr. Pandey is the reason things move at Marshal. He not only keeps a tab on the financial aspects of the company but also manages the administrative aspects to detail including supply management as well as HR amongst many others.

As one of the longest standing members at the company, Mr Pandey is a renowned figure in the Marshal community.

Gaurav Dhar, Manager – Business Development

Gaurav has been with Marshal for over ten years, marketing and selling Marshal’s expanding portfolio of products and solutions. Today, he lead manages projects and strikes up business relationships across new IT sectors and industries for the company.

Gaurav’s legal background puts him at the helm of Marshal’s legal advisory team. He is also charged with the task of scoping nex-gen technology locally and internationally, that is relevant to our current and future client base in the region.


James George, Manager – Software Division

James has spent over 15 years at Marshal and as an expert on C++, chip card and EMV applications, he manages several projects and software systems across fleets of cards and POS in the banking, retail and petroleum sector. James is a proud father of two and is a native of Tamil Nadu in India.

Green Tea

Marshal’s famous green tea or ‘sabas chai’ (‘suh’-‘bus’ ‘ch’-‘aigh’) is the oldest character in the Marshal story. The secret recipe has been passed down from generation to generation in a closely guarded Pashtun tradition and is legendary amongst all of Marshal’s friends and family.

Many a corporate quandary has been fought, discussed and considered over cups of its mysterious green translucence. Strangers have become friends, and peers have become acquaintances over sabas’ inimitable bouquet and compelling fragrance.

We invite you in to Marshal to try a cup or two of sabas, perhaps a discussion of the weather, other miscellany and matters of import, for after all, many a great thing has started at Marshal, over a hot cup of sabas…