Marshal Trading Automating GULF sing 1981

Our Partners.

Verifone Verifone is the global leader in POS terminal and payment hardware, with one of the most advanced and secure electronic payment POS terminal product range.Marshal is the oldest “Verifone International Partner” across the globe, with it’s partnership stretching back to the late 80s when its terminals were first introduced to the UAE and Middle East markets.
gemelto From its days as Gemplus, Marshal’s collaboration with the world’s largest smart card and magnetic stripe card provider is over 15 years old and Marshal’s success in marketing Gemalto’s state-of-the-art solutions, has gone hand in hand with the company’s growth as the leader in card technology systems and solutions worldwide.
matica Matica systems has consistently maintained its position as one of the leading players in card personalization technology with high end embossers, printers and chip personalisation available for a variety financial institutions producing high volumes of credit and debit cards.Marshal has worked closely with Matica for years and is an expert on installing and maintaining Matica’s range of thermal printers and embossers.
britizan Marshal sells and distributes the famous ‘zip-zap’ imprinters provided by Bartizan across the GCC and Middle East. Marshal sold these manual credit card imprinters before the advent of electronic POS and does the same today.As a note of interest, Bartizan imprinters are still a vital ‘failsafe’ tool in the age of electronic POS machines. Hence, they are still an indispensable part of the credit and debit card business today.
 intellvision Marshal work very closely with Intellvisions to service its clients requirement for kiosk solution. From bill payment solutions to unattended solutions across the region, Intellvisions solutions are the right fit to meet client requirements.