Marshal Trading Automating GULF sing 1981

POS Software.

Marshal specializes in providing POS software and application which are in compliance with scheme protocols like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Diners and Union Pay. Marshal has also developed solutions which support acceptance of local switch transactions.

On the value-adds, Marshal has developed POS applications which support Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) from a number of partners including Planet Payment and Fexco.

We also offer acceptance of acquiring bank’s proprietary closed loop solutions including loyalty solutions, mobile top voucher re-seller amongst many others.

Marshal also offers ECR integration via DLL, which sits as a thin client between the merchant’s ECR machine and POS terminal. This proprietary solution is a very easy to deploy solution requiring minimal effort and is offered on a licensing basis.

For large hotels, Marshal works with partners to offer a full fledged hospitality integration solution that offers lot more than just card transaction processing. All the way from managing pre-authorization at the time of customer check-in to offering DCC seamless to clients; this solution is the ideal match for large scale and often complex operations of the hospitality industry.